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Hello! I'm Jen, a qualified coach, NLP practitioner, Priestess of Goddess Isis, certified angel guide & spiritual mentor.


Nature's Wisdom - Life Lessons From Mother Earth

Available Now!

Nature’s Wisdom - Life Lessons From Mother Earth is a unique spiritual guide to self-discovery & self-acceptance. The stories are intended to unify humanity and nature once again, but now, through the voices of nature. Humanity has talked long enough - it is time for us to listen to the wisdom of Mother Earth.

I am so excited to bring you my story of journeying through burn out, leaving my corporate career and coming home to my strongest self with the help of Nature's Wisdom!

Find out more HERE

Nature's Wisdom

Leading your business from the heart

I'm Jen Thomas and I'm an Intuitive Coach based in the UK, although I work with clients across the world.


I had a successful 20 yr marketing career which I became disillusioned & frustrated with. I felt a lack of meaning & purpose. I changed my life to do something completely different so I could make a meaningful contribution to the world.

In 2018 I was selected to give a TEDx Talk, 'Putting Emotion Back in Business'​ where I shared my model of success for business, with love as our greatest strength.

I help business owners work with their inner wisdom to clear bullshit stories and create crystal clear strategies for success

Unlock your intuition

I was 14 when my guardian angel first appeared to me and spoke. It was pretty scary! From that moment on I received visions, messages, feelings and a heightened sense of inner knowing.

For many years I suppressed it, too embarrassed and scared of being laughed at. I did my best to conform and got on with University and a corporate career. But that all changed in 2015.

Bringing my spiritual abilities into every aspect of daily life has enabled me to help my clients jump to the next level as well as help them develop their own intuitive skill set.



Energy Cord Cutting & Guidance

A powerful taster treatment to help you get unstuck and move forward with clarity and deep insight.

My signature treatment now recorded and available to buy and keep for at home cord cutting whenever you need it.

60 mins



121 Intuitive Coaching & Healing

In-depth professional coaching sessions with bespoke healing to provide you with clarity, deep insight and action steps to take you forward with freedom.

90 mins

From £1,111

Spiritual Club

Explore your intuition, weekly guided meditations, connect with like-minded souls & learn about all things woo in a light hearted & open way.

Group mentoring & support


Soul Hearted Women on Purpose

Spiritual & Personal Development

A group of soul hearted women making changes in the world. Whether you're a business owner, leader or in paid employment your soul self has awakened and is calling you to make a difference. With a passion for facilitating change, this community is about making a change within yourself. 


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"I have had a few cord cutting sessions with Jen and the benefits I felt were immediate. All the fears & blockages that were stopping me from being my authentic self were gone and I was able to forge ahead with my plans. My business is going from strength to strength."

Julie Mullins,

Cord Cutting

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