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I'm Jenny Thomas and I'm an Intuitive Coach & Mentor based in Farnham & Guildford in Surrey.


If you are feeling stuck and looking to escape your 9-5 job, create a flexible working life you love and understand your purpose in life then you are in the right place!


Taking my experience of feeling stuck in the corporate space for a numbers of years and my subsequent burnout, I now specialise in helping others get off the treadmill, discover their true purpose and support them to create a plan they're motivated to achieve. 

As a fully qualified Coach & Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), I empower you to believe in yourself, understand what's important to you and where you want to go. I will help you identify what's getting in your way and support you in creating your vision and making it become reality.

I am also highly intuitive and connect with universal spirit energy to help my clients reach a deep level of insight and remove energetic blockages getting in their way. This helps them reach a level of complete congruence and understanding. And when you have that, the sky's the limit!

What is Coaching?


I have positive expectations for a coaching relationship that helps you to create the life YOU want to live.

Coaching is listening, non-advisory,  non-judgemental, uses purposeful and insightful questioning skills to support clients in becoming the best version of themselves they can be.  It is for individuals who are emotionally and psychologically healthy and who are committed to making improvements and changes in their lives. Coaching is not advice, guidance, therapy or counselling.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?


NLP is the study of our thinking, behaviour and language constructs to determine how and why we do what we do.  Through the use of various techniques, NLP allows us to become aware of strategies that work well for us, but also to learn new strategies. These tools & techniques allow us to get more of what we want and even let go of some strategies that are no longer useful to us.  It gives us more choices to be able to achieve more of what we want and sometimes discover what we really want, leading to a more fulfilled, happy life.

If you want something you've never had before, you need to do something you've never done before.

What is Intuitive Coaching?


Many people understand intuition through a number of terms - the universe, spirit energy, inner wisdom, guidance, woo woo, quantum physics, empath, sensitive, clairvoyance and many more.

The best way I can describe what I do in this area of my work is that I feel what those around me feel. I am provided with visions and an understanding of past, present and future which I am able to interpret for others providing them with a deep insight.

I have worked with energy from an early age and since I stopped trying to understand it intellectually and just accepted it, ironically, it made sense! There's actually a lot of science behind it...

"Jenny is an amazing coach, she's approachable, caring and easy to get on with. I ended up achieving what I set out to - so great results too!"​​
"Jenny was exactly the person I was looking for - I've come out of coaching feeling better about myself and have a good plan for the future!"
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