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My Story



I'm Jen Thomas and I'm an Intuitive Coach based in the UK, although I work with clients across the world.


I had a successful 20 yr marketing career which I became disillusioned & frustrated with. I felt a lack of meaning & purpose. I changed my life and retrained as a Personal Performance Coach & NLP Practitioner so I could make a meaningful contribution to the world.

I wholeheartedly believe the way we live & work needs to have love, kindness and compassion and its core. Along with a big dollop of fun, of course!

In 2018 I was selected to give a TEDx Talk, 'Putting Emotion Back in Business'​ where I shared my model of success for business, with love as our greatest strength.

My aim is to share & grow that vision across the world so the work we do contributes to the greater good for the benefit of all - people, animals, nature.

Over on my charities page you can read more about the work I do with 2 particular animals close to my heart - The White Lions and the African Elephants.


Coming out of my spiritual closet

My ultimate mission is to coach business leaders to access their emotional & intuitive senses at a deep level by reconnecting with animals and nature.


In turn, learning to apply those deepened intuitive abilities to lead their companies on a super successful path with love, kindness and compassion at the core.

But first, I had to embrace my true self and be open about my spiritual abilities.


I was 14 when my guardian angel appeared to me at the foot of my bed. I absolutely s@!t myself! From that moment on, I was consciously aware of how others were feeling, messages, premonitions, visions.


But I didn't really talk about it and definitely didn't embrace it. I was scared - of myself and what others would think. I pushed it aside and largely dismissed the feelings and visions.


I carried on with university and my corporate marketing career and did my best to conform and fit in. And I did pretty well!


In 2015, the universe gave me a helping hand and delivered a scenario for me to break down and break free. I burnt out and left my corporate career overnight.


I went from isolation and depression to connection and happiness and I started to embrace my gift at long last. The process I journeyed through is now a key part of what I teach others.

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