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Get involved with the charities I support

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My deepest passion in life is all about nature and the animals we share our home with.

I spend every day (ok, most days!) walking out in nature somewhere. It's my go to for positive mental health, physical fitness and deepening my intuitive senses.

This passion naturally led me to animal communication and this led me to work with the Sacred White Lions - a charity I now work closely with in South Africa.

For Linda Tucker, the founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, and those who follow her work, the White Lions are a guiding force helping humanity and nature live alongside each other symbiotically. 

And this is my vision as I help people grow their heart centred business.

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I am also a huge supporter of the How Many Elephants charity, founded by Holly Budge.


Aside from Holly being one of my friends for 20 years and being a truly inspirational woman - she skydived over Everest, rode wild horses across Mongolia and climbed Everest raising over £400K - I had a vision in 2019 urging me to help save the African elephants.

I was on an animal communication retreat in Wales (not too many elephants there lol) and during a meditation I was visited by an African bull elephant. This elephant was truly majestic and gave me a message on how to save all African elephants to the benefit of humanity. 

It's a long road ahead but through the work I do with the White Lions and by supporting Holly's important and impactful work with How Many Elephants, I am hopeful for the future.

Find out all about Holly's award winning campaign, her amazing work with The Black Mambas anti-poaching rangers and how you can get involved head over to the website.

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