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Join our Spiritual Club

Find your soul tribe and a safe place to come and explore
your own spiritual self

Are you longing to embrace your inner woo and explore your spirituality?

But you don't know how and are worried about reaching out for help in case you're deemed not spiritual enough or laughed at for being woo woo?

Do you wish you could see angels? Or just anything spiritual!

And because you don’t, you’re thinking you’re not spiritual or connected to spirit?

Please know that what you’re sensing is real, however you’re sensing it.

Most people ‘feel’ or just ‘know’ and don’t ‘see’ anything - this doesn’t mean you’re not spiritual or doing it ‘right’. It does mean you’re you and experience the universe in your own personal way!

I'm sure you feel a bit weirded out by it all sometimes, but I also know how utterly fascinated you are with all things woo, it's just a struggle to find your people who aren't all about religion or where you don't feel spiritual enough to belong there.

What would it mean to you to find your soul tribe and have a safe place to come and explore your own spiritual self?

Spiritual Club Membership


In Spiritual Club you'll find a place where you can explore & be your true woo self - whatever that means for you.

You'll learn about the universe and all the fascinating aspects as you journey along your spiritual path, your way, at your pace.

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"This is really special as a place to stop and step out of the flow of life & work and just be."

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  • You've probably struggled to find a place where you feel comfortable to be you, that's accessible and that isn't religious.

  • Are you telling yourself that you're not 'spiritual enough'? That because you don't see angels or anything that you're not spiritual?

  • I know you definitely struggle to find time to meditate and / or think you're doing it 'wrong' (you're not btw)

  • You're so used to being there for others and supporting them that there's rarely time for you or anyone that holds space just for you.

You're welcome into the community I've created, just as you are
“I feel a greater sense of belonging and I can ask questions without feeling daft."

What happens at Spiritual Club?

  • Spiritual Club is hosted on Zoom and we meet every week to ask questions, share experiences, learn & grow together.

  • Mondays at 7pm or Fridays at 10am.

  • Each meeting is different and it's not just me talking at you for an hour - there's always a guided meditation and an oracle card reading for the group - it never ceases to amaze me how relevant it is for everyone!

  • It's a place for you to develop spiritually, especially if you're just starting out. It's not all about 'seeing' angels, what you feel or sense is hugely valid and real!

A bit about me, your host, Jen

I'm very spiritual but I haven't always been. It's my mission to help people find their own spiritual path without feeling pressured or like they're doing it 'wrong' or like they're not 'spiritual enough'. 

I fully started to embrace my spiritual side a few years ago and really struggled to find anywhere that resonated with me & my slightly sweary style of humour! What I could find was either religious based or so 'out there' I didn't feel like I belonged or understood what was going on.

So I started my own online Spiritual Club.

What will I get from being a member of Spiritual Club?

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It won't happen overnight, but at your own pace, you will go from:

  • A place of unknowing, uncertainty, separation, self-doubt, questioning, feeling alone, tired, drained and probably a bit fearful of all the weirdness of woo

To a beautiful place of:

  • Understanding, connection, reassurance, confidence in who you are, self-belief and able to manage feelings of overwhelm, tiredness, fear & worry.

My aim & mission with everyone who attends Spiritual Club feels a sense of belonging, safety, peacefulness and freedom.

Gradually you will begin to accept yourself fully and feel really, really good about who you are and just how magical and powerful you are!

You also get the benefit of my well honed psychic and intuitive skills, providing you with insight and a deep level of awareness to help you understand yourself better than ever before.

Spiritual Club Membership

  • Basic Membership

    Every month
    Perfect for a weekly meeting with your soul tribe
    • 1 x weekly Spiritual Club meeting
    • (Saving of £22 per month)
Pricing Options
“I LOVE the guided meditations as something new and interesting comes up for me every time. I love the journeys I go on in those meditations and what they unearth for me."
-Spiritual Club member
"It means a lot to me to be part of a community where I can share experiences and talk about woo woo stuff that I might not necessarily talk to other people about, ask questions and feel able to be myself."
-Spiritual Club member
“I love having the opportunity to connect with likeminded souls on a weekly basis. It's great to hear stories from the others and I love the down time together. I love the meditations.”
-Spiritual Club member

Spiritual Club is perfect for you if...

  • You're looking for a place to be your true self and know you belong

  • You need someone to ask questions about spiritual stuff without feeling daft

  • You need somewhere to go where someone holds space for you for a change

  • You want a space where you can take part in a guided meditation and just show up

  • You want to be part of a community of like-minded people

  • You're looking for a flexible membership where you can get the support that suits where you're at on your spiritual journey

  • You prefer a virtual space because you prefer to be in your own space or don't have time to go out and meet people in your local community

  • You'd like a regular space to come to and explore spirituality at your own pace

Image by Kent Pilcher
  • 1 x weekly Spiritual Club meeting

  • Saving £22 per month

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