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Cord Cutting & Guidance

What's a cord?


An energetic cord is created usually as an emotional response to something that's happened in our past and the energy from that is still stuck in our energy field somewhere.

The story can repeat itself and become part of your energetic make-up, feeding your thoughts and emotions which then re-create the same or similar patterns in your life.

Often indicated by thoughts of "why does this keep happening to me?" or "it doesn't matter what I do, I keep creating the same reality over and over again!"

What happens in a cord cutting session?

  • All sessions are held via Zoom

  • I help you find what’s holding you back and guide you into sacred space

  • We identify any cords of energy ready to be cleared

  • I then call in AA Michael and your soul team to help

  • Together we address the trapped energy & emotions

  • I utilise my combined coaching, NLP and clairvoyant abilities to facilitate the release of the stuck cords

  • You're set free and feel lighter, brighter and ready to move forward!

  • There are messages from your guides & angels too

  • We end with an oracle reading for additional insight and awareness


How long does it take?

  • A session takes 1 hour, with 30 - 45mins spent on cord cutting


How much is it?

  • £111, including cord cutting & oracle reading


How can I book a session?

  • Super simple - find a time that works for you and book and pay online by clicking the 'Book Now' button below.


"The cord cutting session I had was profound. I feel like I've recovered one of THE most important pieces of my puzzle. I was amazed at how quickly Jen was able to identify exactly what was blocking me. Everything makes sense - all the guilt, betrayal and deep sadness. I'm now free of this and slowly but surely uplevelling my life & business."

Sarah Haté

The beauty of my cord cutting service is that it works with your subconscious mind and your guides & angels to clear what your heart is ready to let go of.

Your subconscious, along with your guides & angels, will NEVER reveal anything you’re not ready for. We’re working together with unconditional love so there are no nasty surprises lurking anywhere.

Ready to feel lighter, brighter and free?

Cord Cutting At Home With Jen
Cord Cutting at Home
Cord Cutting at Home With Jen

Cord Cutting at Home With Jen

Watch Preview
Buy £55.55

Cord cutting is the most powerful and effective healing treatment I've used for many years. It's true that a personal session goes much deeper and is bespoke in healing your particular issues but I know that it can be difficult to find a time that works for you or that funds may not be currently available for a personal session with me.

I've now developed a fabulous method from my signature treatment that means I can offer you your own cord cutting healing in the comfort of your own home (or whichever space you choose - I can highly recommend being outside in nature) at a time that works for you.

Imagine being able to do your own powerful cord cutting and releasing session with the full moon energy in your garden?

Or perhaps when you need a cord cutting with me the most, you'd just rather be in your pyjamas in your own private space.

Personally, I do cord cutting in the bath and then release all the old energy down the plug hole! Water is a wonderful energy to cleanse mind, body and soul together. You can light your candles, have your essential oils creating a gorgeous atmosphere and listen to this video helping you let go of all the stuck energetic cords that stop you from moving forward.

It's under 30 mins and yours to keep and watch as many times as you need.

Feeling lighter, brighter and free to move forward with confidence is less than 30 minutes away from you. Just click on the video below and enter your payment information and I'll see you there very soon.

Cord Cutting at Home With Jen

Cord Cutting at Home With Jen

Watch Preview
Buy £55.55