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Nature's Wisdom - Life Lessons From Mother Earth

Are you a nature lover?

Nature’s Wisdom - Life Lessons From Mother Earth is a unique spiritual guide to self-discovery & self-acceptance. The stories are intended to unify humanity and nature once again, but now, through the voices of nature. Humanity has talked long enough - it is time for us to listen to the wisdom of Mother Earth.

In 2020, during a Virtual StarLion Journey with the sacred White Lions of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, I was invited to write a book to help humanity come back to itself, each other and Mother Earth through Her voices.

I had a vision while I was writing some of it, the universe showing me why this book is so important for all of us.

I saw a man in a grey suit traveling on a train to a city job he dreaded going to.

He was going to take his own life.


The man I was shown is representative of humanity - it could so easily have been me when I was in corporate.

I saw him reading Nature’s Wisdom and crying. I then saw him step off the train into sunshine and choose a different path.

He chose to live and walk towards a better life - one full of light and happiness!

So you see, I have to bring this book into the world to help people back to love, hope and happiness.

This is our book. Yours and mine, humanity’s, Mother Earth’s, the animals', the trees', the rivers' & oceans', the land and the air we all breathe. It’s so much bigger than me. 

I’ve made the first chapter available for you to read now - a story of the river and the rock on never giving up and what truly magical things can happen when we trust, surrender, allow and work together.

I hope you enjoy it - fill out the form below and I'll email the free chapter to you straightaway.

Nature's Wisdom - without sacrificing any trees

Trees were my first love and so it didn't make sense to me to bring a book into the world on paper from trees. Commercial foresting isn't something I want to support either as it upsets the natural balance of nature, one of the very aspects I am wanting to restore through my work.

I came across Substack which is a wonderful digital platform for readers and writers alike. What I especially love about Substuck is that it's interactive, so you can comment and share thoughts and questions.

As a coach, I encourage you do this through Nature's Wisdom - Life Lessons From Mother Earth with 'heart exploration' prompts at the end of each chapter. These are designed to support you on your own, personal and spiritual development path helping you to increase your self-awareness and improve every aspect of your life. When we improve our relationship with ourselves, we are able to experience greater confidence, trust and a general sense of wellbeing.

Explore your access options HERE

Nature's Wisdom

I am so excited to bring you my story of journeying through burn out, leaving my corporate career and rebuilding my life with the help of Nature's Wisdom!

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