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Soul Hearted Women
on Purpose
Private Facebook Community

Join my private membership community on Facebook


You'll be joining a group of awesome Spiritual women leading with heart & soul who are changing the world through the work they do.

Some run their own businesses, others are in paid employment but what we all have in common is leading change through love, kindness and compassion. With a big dollop of FUN!

Included in your membership:

  • Live weekly guidance and chat

  • Ad hoc online events - live & replays

  • Short trainings on personal & spiritual development to support your growth and expansion

  • Coaching & explorative conversations covering:

    • Healing the wounded feminine and masculine

    • Confidence in who you truly are

    • Observing and interpreting guidance from the universe

    • Nature and Her guidance

    • Reconnection to soul self

    • Compassion, especially in the middle of dealing with the crap

    • Finding security in freedom and vice versa

    • Awakening and working with higher self

    • And more!

Ghandi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." With a passion for facilitating change, this community is about making a change within yourself. The most important relationship we have is with ourselves and so self acceptance, self love, personal & spiritual development will be on the agenda. When your relationship with your soul self is thriving, everything in your outer world starts thriving.

I am passionate about working with our emotions and intuition, especially in the way we work. I left the corporate world disillusioned, disconnected and unfulfilled. In 2016 I unlocked another way to live and work in balance and it all started with my journey back to love. Nature was my access point and continues to be my constant; wise guide on this batshit bonkers journey. And so nature will always be a part of our conversation. 


I will be your biggest cheerleader, here to guide you, support you and celebrate you as you continue to blaze your trail of change.

This support and content is valued at a minimum of £530 for an annual membership.

It is important to me that, where possible, I provide some of my support and services for free so that my community space is fully accessible to you, wherever you are on your journey.

Enter coupon code FBMembers111 for 100% discount!

  • Exclusive Facebook Membership

    Enter coupon code FBMembers111 for 100% discount
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