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Essentially, intuitive coaching is working with professional coaching techniques combined with using intuitive senses.

This method provides you with an indepth awareness of who you truly are and where you're going.

It is a powerful process enabling you to identify what's hidden and move forward with clarity and motivation.


A beautiful 45 minute angel guidance session giving you insight into pressing decisions and next steps forward.

We start by establishing whether you have something specific to look at or a more general view. If you are a business owner, this can be outside of your business as external issues permeate every aspect of our lives. 

I then work with heart energy to connect us both with oracle cards and act as your by proxy.

Together with my intuitive senses I share guidance and provide deep insight into what I'm shown for you. Together, we discuss what this means for you and how to move forwards.


A powerful 90 minute intuitive coaching session helping you smash through blocks for clarity in your business strategy, with action in mind.

We start with a 45 minute angel guidance session to get deep insight and awareness to the situation.

I then bring in all my coaching, NLP and intuitive skills to help you create a meaningful action plan that takes you and your business forward.

We may uncover blocks, limiting beliefs, behaviour patterns and unseen perspectives, all of which will help you to get clear and move forward with confidence.

This isn't your average kind of business strategy session as it is purely aligned with your heart & soul energy - resulting in your plans & actions being universally supported.


- £365 for 3


All sessions are delivered via Zoom and recorded for you to keep