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Wait til Spring to make your resolutions!

In Spiritual Club recently, one of our members asked me if I was doing another in-person planning event next year as she’d loved the last one so much.

There isn’t time or head space for me to organise one for January but it facilitated an interesting chat about New Year resolutions.

As a coach, I get the value and importance of goal setting.

As a spiritual student, I believe in going with the flow.

So there is a balance to be had between the two.

For me, winter has never felt like the best time to be making a big plan.

I’m reflecting, restoring, processing, releasing.

As spring arrives, the sunlight beams and reenergises the earth, plants and new life.

As I align to earths rhythm of natural flow and growth I feel twice the energy in myself!

This year I’ve been seeing lots of posts and emails from other coaches talking about shunning new year resolutions.

There is definitely a shift in the collective consciousness towards self care and honouring how we feel (yessss!!!)

Going with the flow, following our feelings and intuition and aligning to the beat of Mother Earth’s drum gives us such strength.

Mercury is now in retrograde for the next 19 days. Yes, the energy coming to us from the planet of communication can create confusion and disruption, but it is also an invitation to reflect. Retrograde provides us with an opportunity to reflect, review and think about adjustments we need to make.

What a gift to start the new year with!

So, I invite you (and give you permission if you need it) to spend the next 3 weeks in peaceful reflection.

Listen to Mother Earth’s heart beat and remember that your heart beats alongside.

Allow Her to support you.

And when you do come to think about what you want to create in 2023, remember this:

We were taught all wrong.

We were taught how to be problem solvers.

And that made us focus on what was wrong.

It made us look for lack, gaps and weaknesses which made us focus on the negatives.

Leading to feelings of inadequacy, fear, worry, depression. Not enough - not being enough, doing enough, having enough.

Ultimately, that leads to division and separation.

In truth, we are not problem solvers we are creators!

Really powerful, magical, awesome creators.

When we focus on everything that feels right, we look for confirmation and the positives.

Leading to feelings of positivity, gratitude, joy, happiness, love. Enough - being enough, doing enough, having enough.

Ultimately leading to expansion, growth and connection. Love, strength and togetherness.

In this place, you, me, we together are unstoppable!

An unstoppable force of love, light and strength co-creating for the highest good of all.

So I invite you to always look for and focus on what’s right in your world and the rest of the world.

Imagine what we can create from that place?


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