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How do I meditate?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

There is no right or wrong way to meditate, it really is whatever works best for you.

So you’ve tried meditation before, probably a few times, but you just can’t seem to get on with it. There may even be a little voice inside you saying, ‘you’re doing it wrong’. I genuinely mean it when I say, however you’re doing it is right for you.

I can genuinely say that meditation changed my life. I’ve found it helpful in so many ways – feeling more connected, grounded, peaceful and much less stressed. I’ve often found my meditation turns into a space to just be for half an hour and that in itself can give so much.

Think about what your intention is about meditating. Perhaps it’s to create some ‘me’ time, to find a greater sense of inner peace, to create a connection with the universe and receive guidance, or to just feel better. It’s your practice, so make it how you want it to be.

Setting an intention before your practice is a good habit to get into because you then have a focus to come back to. And practice is very much the key word here. It is a practice and it takes time to get your mind to switch off and stop telling you helpful things like all the stuff you have to do. But it’s unlikely you’re going to get there in the first few tries, so give yourself a break. You’re learning, right? Be kind to yourself about that and encourage yourself as you would anyone else learning something new.

If sitting down cross-legged listening to plinky plonky music isn’t your thing or something you enjoy then don’t do it. You can meditate pretty much anywhere!

Essentially, meditation is to create some space for your ‘you’. Your ‘you’ is your heart self, soul self, intuitive self, higher self, energy self and not your mind i.e. your ego self. In creating space for your you, you create stillness and respite from your ego mind. It’s much like finding that elusive off switch.

You can be in a meditative state when you’re walking in nature, running, mowing the grass, doing the washing up, painting, doing the crossword. Your ego mind is focused on something else and so you’re able to find stillness and head space.

My personal practice is to comfortably sit on the floor (although I’m working on how to stop my foot from going to sleep!) I light a candle and play some music from the Calm app and have my oracle cards and journal next to me.

I then set the space using the following script (available to download as a PDF in my Facebook community, Soul Hearted Women on Purpose):

The four corners of the room come together to form a pyramid with a star at the top. The star at the top is full of and attracts only unconditional love, highest truth and compassion. An infinite column of light protection surrounds the pyramid and all light healers, light keepers, angels and guides of highest truth and compassion are welcome within. All others must take a step back.

This really helps me focus and supports my mind into letting go. Sometimes it’s just to breathe deeply and feel revitalised. Other times I’ve got a specific question I’m seeking an answer to or I’m open to receiving guidance about what I need to know.

I’ll spend 20 – 30 minutes focusing on my breath and doing my best to just allow and be. I’ve been doing this for years and I still find my ego mind wants to get involved and it can be quite the battle sometimes. If I’m getting frustrated or uncomfortable I get up and have a bit of a stretch or make a cuppa and then go back to it. If it’s just not happening for whatever reason I do just get up and leave it, there’s no point in trying to force it and getting more uptight. If you find this happens, then acknowledge that you tried and that’s more than ok.

After I’ve had sufficient space in meditation, I’ll then write in my journal and draw an oracle card. As the final step in my practice, I close the space with gratitude by following this script:

Thank you light healers, light keepers, angels and guides of highest truth and compassion. The pyramid now returns to the 4 corners of the room. The star, full of unconditional love, highest truth and compassion goes to wherever it is needed. The infinite column of light protection remains and travels with all those within wherever they may go.

In total I’m there for about an hour. It's taken a while for me to build up to that and it's vital part of my job now too. If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend aiming for 10 – 15 mins. I’d also recommend starting off with a few guided meditations, especially if your mind is super busy and you having difficulty switching off.

Apps I’ve used in the past and would recommend are Insight Timer and Calm. I have also recorded some of my own meditations which you might like.

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