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Can Bringing Spirituality into your Business Really Work?

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Coming out of my spiritual closet and changing my business to reflect who I truly am was one of the scariest things I’ve done.

I’ve travelled extensively on my own, I’ve done public speaking (watch my TEDx Talk here), I’ve climbed mountains, gone white water rafting, survived car accidents, emergency surgery and stood up to some intimidating people over the years, but making myself vulnerable by showing up as my true self and saying out loud that I work with spirit guides and angels as my business – I found that scary.

A big part of my taking that leap of faith was to help support, inspire and encourage others feeling trapped and fearful to be their true selves, especially in the business world.

If you’re a business woman and, like many, are questioning your validity about bringing spiritual practices into your work, either for yourself or your clients, I hope this blog is a source of encouragement to you and empowers you to be your true self in your life and business.

It was the best decision and action I have taken to date. I am happier, calmer, wealthier and more confident in myself and my path than I have ever been before.

It’s so freeing!

Let’s talk about what’s getting in your way and stopping you from showing up with all your wonderful spiritual senses and gifts (many of which you may not be aware of…yet).

1. Fears & concerns Fear of judgement by others, not being taken seriously as an intelligent and credible business woman or being laughed at by friends, family or even clients

2. Self-doubt Wondering if you’re ‘spiritual’ and have any gifts or abilities or if you’re just imagining all of this! This is probably the most common one I hear so, to put your mind at ease, yes you are spiritual and yes you do have gifts & abilities and no you are not imagining any of it.

3. Uncertainty & failure Questioning yourself around whether your business is going to fall through the floor and you’ll be branded as a ‘failure’.

These are all fear energies, albeit very real feelings and concerns, but ones that can be overcome. How many fears did you have to overcome to start your own business in the first place? Where would you be right now if you hadn’t taken those steps?

Napoleon Hill

I certainly felt all of those fears and concerns and asked myself a lot of questions, but what I kept coming back to was that I couldn’t be anyone else but me. I felt tired with the pretence and holding myself back all the time – for who? And what?

I wanted to feel excited about my business again. I didn’t want it to feel like hard work to get clients and tick along as I was. I wanted to make the future I could see for myself and help to look after our planet something tangible and I wasn’t going to be able to do that staying where I was, doing what I was doing and being the person I was.

Call it a soul calling, an innate need or whatever, but I truly feel that I’m here for a purpose and that I can make a difference. It’s very common for empaths to feel this way apparently. Find out more about being an empath here.

It was a fairly gradual process over about 2 years and when I first came out of my spiritual closet, I only peaked out at first. I blended my practical marketing skills and commercial savvy with my intuitive gifts and helped people to set up their own wellbeing businesses.

It was all divinely timed (of course lol) as the 18 months I spent doing that helped me grow my confidence and self-belief immeasurably and I am truly grateful for those awesome women for taking the leap of faith with me and starting their own businesses with a spiritual foundation.

By the end of 2020 I knew the marketing elements of my Soulpreneurs Club had to go from my course and that my purpose was to focus wholly on the spiritual and animal communication aspects of my gifts to help business leaders not only take their businesses to the next level but to start co-creating consciously with the universe.

Fast forward 6 months and I’ve just had my most successful launch to date of Soulpreneurs Club!

And more importantly, I’m living my best life as my true self and I know I’m on the right path to a bigger mission helping to make animals sacred in the world again.

If this is resonating with you and you’d value a 121 conversation, please reach out to me at and I’ll be happy to help if I can.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level by developing your intuitive skills you might like to join the wait list for my next 3 Day Immersion here where you can start supercharging your business for free.

Look out for my next blog sharing all about how working with nature and animals helped to grow my business.


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