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Soulpreneurs Club 3 Day Immersion Experience

Starting 15 October 2021

5 unconscious beliefs holding you back in your business  - join my immersion and clear them for good!

1. Not following your true passion in your work.
This frequently shows up as having the clients you think you should have because you believe they're the ones you need to make money.

2. Needing to be working harder / faster / smarter.
Often based in feelings of lack, scarcity and feeling like you're sprinting to stand still. Leads to sporadic or minimal growth.

3. A nagging sense of self-doubt, with a regular appearance of impostor syndrome.

You're on fire and feeling super confident about your work and then that knot in your stomach reminds you of self-doubt, lack of self-worth & not being worthy of receiving more.

4. Keeping yourself small, under the radar, not fully visible...especially as your true self

Feelings of embarrassment, guilt, shame and placing very high expectations of yourself which you never achieve. Leading to untrue feelings of failure & defeat.

5. A general feeling of numbness after years of layering up protective barriers.

Shows up as lack of trust, lack of true identity and not wholly sure of your 'why'. Often creating confusion around who your ideal client is too.

When I identified and starting clearing these belief systems, I now realise to be born out of conditioning from the old patriarchal system, my business tripled in less than 12 months.

I now confidently lead my business with the strongest sense of self-worth I've ever had and a genuine freedom to be 100% me, without fear of judgement or financial lack.


My business is led from the heart, aligned to my higher self through universal guidance and continues to flourish. Allowing me to bring my vision of love, kindness & compassion in business to reality through my Soulpreneurs Club.

You can get a deep dive experience of my Soulpreneurs Club for free in my 3 day immersion!

Over the course of 3 days, I will help you unlock and clear these beliefs that have been holding you back in your business and most likely every other aspect of your life in some way.

I know you're busy, so don't worry it's over a weekend and you'll only need to create an hour or so each day and everything is recorded so you can catch up when it suits you. 

We start each day with a short video from me helping you to identify and become consciously aware of thoughts, energies and patterns of behaviour around each topic, along with a lovely guided meditations.

You get to share your individual experiences and needs and get feedback and support from me every day within the group.

Each evening, there is a live session where you can ask me anything and I will help you in anyway I can. You will also be able to book private 121 sessions with me free of charge throughout the week.

It's probably worth mentioning that there will be lots of laughs with my humour and I will call you out if I sense you're telling yourself a load of BS. My ethos is love, kindness & compassion with a big dollop of fun in everything I do, but this will always come with a kick up the bum when my clients need it!

This 3 day immersion is for you, if:

  • You own your own business which is 1 - 5 years old

  • You have the structures and processes in place already (even if you're tweaking them still!)

  • You have a strong interest in working with the universe learning more about this energy

  • Your business is doing ok but isn't growing how you want it to and you're feeling stuck, confused and worried.

  • You've most likely tried different leadership and mindset trainings, marketing/business courses but there's that magic ingredient missing. You have a sneaking suspicion it's something to do with a higher power & the universe.

  • You occasionally meditate and have a few crystals and your partner teases you for it

  • You are probably spiritual but have been afraid to embody this part of yourself and talk about it openly

  • You've been thinking about spirituality on and off for ages and something you want to find out more about but are faintly embarrassed about it and don't have anyone you can comfortably talk to about it. You're fascinated by it all!

  • You care about people, the planet, nature & animals and are keen to contribute to making the world a better place for all

  • You're looking for clarity so you know exactly where you're taking your business and feel really excited about it!

  • You've probably been through some sort of trauma in life and this has taught you a lot about fear and emotions but it still pushes some self-doubt buttons at times.

  • You've been leading your business from a logical and financial perspective up until now but know there's another way to lead your business forward

  • You've probably looked at some spiritual type courses before but they're too woo woo and not business related. They lack structure and practicality and refer to you as a divine feminine goddess and you're not really sure what that even is!

  • You're ready to feel confident, clear focused and be a strong but highly compassionate leader

  • You're ready to create clarity & certainty in your strategic direction; feel epic about what you're doing & creating, aligning with the right clients, collaborators and attracting awesome staff & agencies

  • You're looking for down to earth, like-minded business people to connect with in a heart-centred community where you feel respected, valued, supported and accepted as your true self. And where you feel just as comfortable having a cry as you do having a laugh

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