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Deciding on the right path to take, without overthinking it

One of the biggest reasons Soulpreneur’s Club came about was because I used to drive myself to distraction by not knowing, with certainty, what was the right path to take. And I knew I wouldn’t be the only one feeling like that in my business.

These questions would come up often, even after I’d decided. What if it was the wrong decision?!

Is this the right client and target market for me?

Is this the right time to launch this programme?

Where will it lead and what if it’s the wrong path? I can’t afford the time, energy, money for this not to be the right path.

What if I’m not meant to be doing any of this and I’m in the wrong place altogether, let alone the right path?

How am I going to turn it around if it is the wrong path?

It’s a frequent topic of conversation in Soulpreneur’s Club in the early stages as people begin to shift out of fear energy.

A brilliant question came up in today’s club meeting and it inspired me to write this blog as it resonated so much.

Here’s how the conversation went (more or less anyway!):

Soulpreneur: I worry sometimes that I’m going to take the wrong the path. I’ve done that before and it’s hard. Often all options feel scary.

Me: So, you know that the physical feelings of fear and excitement are very similar?

Soulpreneur: Right! So how do I know which is fear because it’s the wrong path and which is fear because it’s something new that I’m a bit scared about but could be the right path?

Me: Well, that’s discernment, isn’t it?

Soulpreneur: Hmmm, yes, I think so. But how do you discern the difference?

Me: Best way is to connect with how you’re truly feeling and that is through meditation and dropping into your heart space.

Me: Once you’re there, explore your feelings around the options you have. Sit with each one for a while.

Me: What are you feeling here?

Soulpreneur: They both have fear energy around them but one feels light and the other feels heavier.

Soulpreneur: Oh wow, I feel it now! The right one for me is the one that feels lighter, better, and with more of an err towards excitement.

Me (oh so wise lol): Please also be reassured that there is no real ‘wrong’ path as the universe always has our backs. So, even if we do take the ‘wrong’ path we will be guided towards the ‘right’ path from there. And when we do find ourselves on the wrong path it’s a great learning opportunity for us because we’ll be there to learn something to help us grow and expand and that in itself will help us get to the right path.

Me: So, in that sense, there’s no such thing as the wrong path, we’re always on the right path. Right lol?!

Soulpreneur: Haha yes, I see that. I realise now actually just how far I’ve come in the last couple of weeks. I can see the small and consistent steps I need to take now.

It was such a powerful conversation that resonated with everyone on the call, me included, as it’s a place we all find ourselves in some time or another.

It’s a constant reminder for me to make decisions from a place of peace and to sit with them a while. When we slow down, we can connect in with how we’re truly feeling and discern the next best step for us to take.

I hope this has been a helpful blog for you and please do share with anyone else you think might benefit from our conversation.

To find out more about Soulpreneurs Club and if it’s something that might be helpful for you and your business, please click HERE to go straight there.


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