Soulpreneurs Club*

Leading Your Business with Heart & Soul

"Great Q&A and some lovely light humour to make this all seem manageable.

Your advice, support, questions, explanations, direction and guidance have been fantastic at a time most needed."

Soulpreneurs Club is my signature programme and fastest growing element of my own soul-aligned business.

This course is for you if you are a business owner, 1 - 3 years into your specialty.

It is ideally suited for small business owners who would benefit from being a part of a community that is heart-centred and soul-led in their work.

If you have a calling to create your business plans via divine inspiration and guidance, fully aligned to source energy and your soul signature then the Soulpreneurs Club is for you!

Soulpreneurs club programme

There is great support, encouragement and guidance from a business sense, coaching sense and a spiritual sense of really understanding yourself and how you can drive success.

Connecting with other like-minded individuals on their own journey learning and sharing has been

invaluable to my confidence, learning and development. Supporting others within the group has given me the strength to believe in myself and aim for my GOALS.

Thanks Jen - as usual great guidance and support along with fantastic ideas.

I look forward to finding what works for me.

You start off with my signature training, learning how to bring heart energy into your work and wellbeing as well as developing your intuitive skills to access and receive guidance from your higher self, divine source energy, guides & angels.

The training also enables you to get comfortable looking at uncomfortable feelings and emotions resulting in your heightened ability to remove energy blocks, limiting beliefs and other unseen interferences holding you back from serving your divine purpose.

Blending spiritual practices in with your business & commercial acumen takes your business, self-belief, confidence and trust to whole new levels!

After joining the 5 Day Challenge and being presented with so much valuable information it seemed the obvious choice to sign up to the Soulpreneurs Club Programme. I had taken the leap to start my own business but had no clue where to start. Jen has made the programme practical, informative, real,

interesting and manageable.

"I couldn’t ask for more as Jen gives absolutely everything to the Programme and weekly Q&A’s, plenty more than it offers.

Without Jen’s enthusiasm I might’ve given up on my dream but she keeps you focused on the difference you can make to people."

The ability to see in your mind's eye exactly where you're headed gives you the clarity and focus in being able to do the work you are so passionate about. As a Soulpreneur, you'll create your spiritual board to receive guidance you can put into action. You'll discover aligned resources, inspiration and support magically start to appear!


Safe in the knowledge that the Universe has your back and all you do is in service of the greater good for the highest good of all - aligned to your very own soul signature.

Course Content

  • Module 1 - Understanding & working with heart energy

  • Module 2 - Identifying soul guidance Vs ego

  • Module 3 - Overcoming fears, blocks, limiting beliefs, indecision

  • Module 4 - Creating your soul signature spiritual board

  • Module 5 - Attracting a constant flow of perfect clients

  • Module 6 - Harnessing the power of lunar energies to clear clutter and co-create with ease

  • Module 7 - Developing advanced intuitive skills for weekly focus

  • Module 8 - Working with oneness & signs for a 360 view

  • Module 9 - Working with all available energies, including animals, nature, elements particular to your soul signature

  • Module 10 - Emotional healing through physical indicators

  • Module 11 - Making BIG decisions

I can't wait for you to fall in love with your business all over again and feel as amazing as I do every day!

*Access to this powerful course and soulful community is currently via my 5 Day Immersion only. Find out more and save your seat now via the '5 Day Immersion' button below.