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5 Signs a Corporate Hangover is Holding you Back in your Business

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Since we were last in touch, a lot has surfaced for us all.

There’s a big shift happening for women now and it has been building for some time. The earth and us, as a part of it, are going through a great healing. The negativity, fear and anger has been surfacing and light has been shone upon darkness, secrets and untruths.

Whatever your gender association, you will have felt the effects of this feminine energy rising and I’m sure you have journeyed through a lot of your own realisations, revelations, pain and letting go of old stuff – emotionally and physically.

During a period of big change and transition, old energies, belief systems and behaviours take time to transform. As new leaders emerge (that’s you by the way) they will journey through their own transformation. As a business owner you already know how valuable it is to be self-aware and how this can help you expand and grow, which has a wonderful ripple effect across your business, clients, relationships, health and finances.

To support you on this wonderful rollercoaster ride, I sat in meditation last week and asked for guidance – the below is what I received from my wonderful soul team to help guide you.


You are seeking a new direction at this time, one you have been seeking a while now. It leads to excitement and new riches and wealth for you to experience. The path you take now and choose to focus on is the one to take you to new heights, not experienced before.

It is all about love! It is time for you to explore, within and without. Your outer actions are an expression of the love within. You are love and you are a bunch of thoughts. But love can only continue to exist by taking action.

What does love say to you from within? What does it wish for you to learn? What does it wish for you to give here at this time? What would nourish your soul?

Always take the view from a place of love, excitement, fun & adventure. When you truly come from this place then whatever you choose is the ‘right’ path.

You have spent long enough on the ‘outside’ to know it does not feel good. If you leapt into the circle of love and trusted in the universal energy available to you and knew that only the best can happen inside the circle, what would you do there?

So, what is holding you back?

Most likely, you’ve been traumatised in some way by the masculine energy on the planet.

Your previous experiences will have come very much from a place of fear and this has led you to seeing yourself as a victim on some level. It showed up in anger, self-destruction, alcohol abuse, food abuse, addictions. This is a common way that people with higher sensitivities and feminine energy try to cope in a masculine energy environment, so be kind to yourself about this.

The masculine energy you experienced in the corporate space may well have shown up as something quite different e.g. socials after work with a “Come on, let’s go party!” energy. So you did and you felt better, like you belonged more. But it was a falsehood. Your self-worth was not its best in this state. Love energy is mimicked by sugar in alcohol & food, be aware of this now.

It is time now for you to be recognised and acknowledge how far you’ve come.

You left that unhealthy place behind and took that brave step to follow your heart and start your own business, truly helping people, because it’s in your soul blueprint.

But the place you’re in right now is a corporate hangover. You are transitioning from a masculine weighted way of being to a more balanced way with increased feminine energies like creativity, intuition, love, kindness and compassion.

1. The corporate hangover is perpetuated by your clients – because they’re the clients you think you should have and because they’re the ones you believe you need for the money. This is a belief system associated with the corporate hangover. It is not true. What’s in your heart is the only truth, and this is what ever lights you up!

2. A corporate hangover also revolves around lack, scarcity and needing to work faster, harder and smarter ALL THE TIME. It forces you away from your emotions and what your heart is saying. It forces you (at speed!) away from love. The story you tell yourselves is if you’re not feeling stressed and running on adrenaline then you can’t be ‘successful’. It is a belief system you have embodied from the old paradigm, but it is not true! It’s time to let it go.

3. Corporate hangover also holds you in a cycle of needing ‘outside’ approval. This feeds self-doubt and is perpetuated by the old paradigm of linear thinking and hierarchy where you need ‘permission’ to do anything. Start to think as a circle (not in circles!) The circle is the whole (the universe) which you are an important part of. A part of love / consciousness / oneness / home. In this place, there is community, inclusion, passion, compassion, kindness, excitement, fun, happiness, support, belonging. i.e. every aspect of love in all its technicolour beauty! Ask yourself, “What supports the whole? And therefore me, as I am a part of the whole?

4. Like so many, you have been belittled, humiliated, spoken down to, spoken to and touched inappropriately, dismissed and kept down because others couldn’t handle your passion, your emotions, loudness, compassion, empathy. Like many, you chose the path of least resistance, chose to make yourself less visible, dimmed your light. Chose to protect yourself. You are allowed to be your true self without worry of belittlement or attack. When you shine brightly, you dissolve any darkness and these are the leaders the world needs now.

5. The result of this corporate hangover has left many of you with closed hearts and not able to feel, sense & trust in the universe. This has left you feeling alone and tired with growing self-doubt and frustration at not being able to move forward.

Divine mother energy is supporting this significant transition now and fuelling the feminine energies on the planet. You’re ready to shine bright! You see you were in ‘victim’ energy before where things happened ‘to’ you. Now you see who you truly are and free to be your magnificent self!

You’re ready to listen to and follow your heart; you’re ready to be a leader.

If this is resonating with you at all, you are very welcome to join my next 5 Day Immersion experience for free - a 5 day event where you get to clear these 5 beliefs and connect with your own guides and angels to help you thrive in your business - click here to find out more.


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