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The Rise of the Feminine Leader

If you’re following me on any of my social channels, you’ll know I have been talking a lot about this recently!

Energetically we’ve been moving towards this shift in leadership model for several years, but many of us have only recently started to really feel it and perhaps embody it.

So, what is this new leadership model?

I see it as a perfectly balanced model of masculine and feminine energy and a move away from the overly weighted masculine system we have all become accustomed to.

For me, this can be termed as, the Patriarchy. But this is not about men or women and it is not about assigning blame anywhere for the state of our world. We have all contributed to that on some level.

Regardless of gender, and in energetic terms, we are all made of masculine and feminine energies. Think yin and yang.

Over the last 2 millennia humanity has created a masculine weighted world. I’ve recently been reading Mary Magdalene Revealed by Meggan Watterson and how the gospel of Mary was all but destroyed. The culture of the time was that women were inferior and not as intelligent as men and so Mary Magdalene was brandished as a prostitute and her gospel and teachings were therefore irrelevant or just untrue.

When you feel into it, you can sense (at least, that’s what I sense) they were fear-based decisions ensuring that the rich stayed at the top and the rest of the populist were held back; kept small and ‘in their place’.

Note the linear and hierarchical system here.

In more recent times we have seen much better balance in society, but many would agree that we still have a long way to go.

And so, through our collective consciousness, we are creating the rise of the feminine energy and it is seeing a

movement of greater feminine style leadership that is gaining momentum.

I believe this is being felt at every level in every type of organisation. The Pandemic situation created time and space for many to see their truth. To see and experience how it is to live a more balanced life, especially those that previously had long commutes.

It has also seen a greater sense of empathy, compassion, kindness and love for each other. The sense of community that felt long lost has resurfaced and provided relief for many. Of course, we have a way to go but it is shifting. Can you feel it?

As feminine energies such as love, kindness and compassion rise we start to see a greater balance in these values in our workplaces and societies.

What does this new leadership model look like in the real world and what does it mean for you?

Firstly, I think it’s helpful to look at the key differences between masculine & feminine energies.

Masculine weighted energy can very generally speaking (for the purposes of a bite size blog!) be summarised as:

  • Linear

  • Left-brain thinking

  • Fact based, supported with rationale

  • Every person for themselves

  • Financial priority

Feminine weighted energy can, very generally speaking, be summarised as:

  • Circular

  • Right-brain thinking

  • Creative solutions

  • Every person for each other

  • Wellbeing for all

The new leadership model has love, kindness and compassion at its core. (If you’ve not seen my TEDx Talk yet, this is essentially what I talk about and you can watch it online HERE).

But it is not about creating a matriarchal leadership model either, that could be utter chaos.

It’s all about balance.

It’s leading with love, kindness, compassion and truth and then applying logic and some linear processes, for the greatest good of all.

How you can you embody this leadership style?

For me, it has been about learning to listen to my heart first. To feel my way into decisions and to sit with those feelings for a while rather than making fear-based, snap decisions under time pressure.

It has also been about speaking my truth, standing up to be visible as I am without hiding behind old patriarchal judgement patterns and worrying about what other people think.

Before that though, I had to clear my corporate hangover developed working in a patriarchal system. Read more about that corporate hangover might be holding you back in your business HERE.

I have developed my intuition and inner guidance to allow my heart to lead. I’ve learnt that heart energy always knows best because it is the perfect balance of masculine & feminine energies. The trick I’ve learnt, is to be able to trust that inner guidance because it is so very often just a whisper.

If you’re interested in understanding how you can develop your intuitive skill set, read my top tips on how to do that HERE.

And if you’re interested in taking a deeper dive and fast track your way to embodying this awesome new leadership model, my free 5 Day Immersion is open until 9 May 2021. Secure your spot HERE.

The new model is surfacing and already being embodied by many leaders and I think it will be fascinating to see which leaders embody the paradigm shift and those that stay stuck, desperately wanting to keep the status quo.

The rise of the feminine leader is here and I am celebrating her love, truth, honesty, kindness and compassion, how about you?


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