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5 easy steps to unlocking your intuition

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

This year has given us a lot of food for thought when it comes to thinking about our futures, what’s important to us and what makes us happy.

But if you’re feeling stuck and agonising about your next steps, then your intuition can help you.

Unlocking your intuitive skills can help you with decision-making, managing anxiety and moving forwards. It takes practice, but your intuition is an immensely powerful sense that helps us see through illusion, fogginess and to feel good about ourselves as we become aligned in mind, body and soul.

It’s a very freeing and empowering feeling, especially if you have been influenced by other people in your life in the past.

Knowing your intuition is like getting to know your best friend you always knew was there but couldn’t quite see. It’s your inner guidance system – much like your sat nav in the car.

So how do you unlock it and develop it?

It’s much like going to the gym – the more often you go and train the fitter and more toned your body becomes. So, the more you practice the following steps, the stronger and clearer your intuition will become.

As your intuition develops and grows, you’ll also start noticing more positive energies and experiences coming to you, a deep sense of gratitude and a strong sense of belonging. This leads to increased self-worth and self-belief all contributing to help make decisions that you feel confident about, regardless of anyone else’s opinions.

Follow my 5-step process to unlock your intuition:

1. Get outside in nature

It might sound a bit daft, but spending time in nature helps us to reconnect with our individual identity and who we truly are. The slower physical pace allows our brains to slow down, giving us a chance to process emotions, thoughts and experiences. This, in turn, creates space for inspiration and those ‘aha!’ moments come in.

2. Meditate every day

There are lots of different ways of meditating and my biggest tip here is do what feels good for you. Essentially, you’re creating calm and space in your mind so however you do that is perfect. Don’t get het up about whether you’re doing it the ‘right’ way, just approach it with a sense of curiosity. Guided meditations are a great way to start and there are plenty of free ones available.

3. Journal

Write down your dreams in the morning, what you’re grateful for and anything you experienced in your meditation. It could be an image, a symbol, a memory, a feeling, a story. You might sketch pictures too. This is sometimes referred to as freewriting and it can seem odd in the beginning with perhaps only a few words coming through. The more you practice, the more will come through.

4. Have fun with it! An intuitive practice does not and arguably should not be a serious thing. The more fun we’re having, the higher our energy frequency and the clearer we can hear / see / feel / understand our inner guidance. Try guessing who’s on the phone before you look or ask for a sign during the day ahead.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 every day

I also provide weekly guidance and energy updates in my free Facebook group. It’s a closed group and a safe place to share your experiences and ask any questions you might have.

Come and join in and let me know what comes through for you in your journaling.

If you're ready to take the next step and would like to unlock your intuition via my beginners course, which includes live weekly mentoring with me, take a look at the course content here

Got questions? Email me at

Take care,



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