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Our Thoughts Create our Reality - But How do you Control Them?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Our thoughts create our reality.

It's often difficult to maintain a positive stream of thoughts with all that is going on in the world. Becoming aware of the negative thoughts though and choosing more positive, empowering ones can have a significant impact when we’re making decisions and changes in our lives.

I know it’s not easy, I still find myself wandering down the ‘but’ and ‘what if’ path, especially when I’ve got important decisions to make with no guaranteed outcome. The key I think is to recognise when the negative patterns happen and consciously choose alternative thoughts.

This time I thought it might be helpful to stay on a similar theme, but specifically looking at money fears and self-belief concerns – these are the 2 most frequently cited reasons why my clients haven’t made the big career change plans they’ve been dreaming of. Fear that they’ll fail, fear of not being taken seriously, that they’re not good enough, clever enough or that they’re not confident enough. The money issue is a big one and it centres around not being able to make enough money, quickly enough.

Both these areas, fundamentally, are down to mindset and a set of belief systems. Which are not set in stone by the way. Often the first step to thinking differently and getting unstuck is simply opening up to the possibility that what you believe isn’t true. Yes, we all need money to live on this planet – in inescapable truth – but how you earn that money, how often and how much you earn and what you’re capable of earning are all open to many, many possibilities.

One of the key challenges I see (and experience myself!) in changing mindset is our conditioning. We’re conditioned to think with our left brain hemisphere, which is all about logic, fact, analytics and linear thinking. It’s also where our fears reside. We have become exceptionally skilled at using this part of our brain in the western world and it plays a valuable part in our lives.

However, we’re often out of balance in our thinking as we aren’t as adept at using our right brain hemisphere and this is where we have bucket loads of untapped potential. This is the part of the brain where we can access creativity, non-linear thinking, intuition, inner wisdom, optimism, love and emotion. It’s the more playful side of our brain and where those ‘genius’ moments can come from!

Just for a moment, perhaps consider the left side of the brain as ‘ego’ (by which, I mean personality construct and not pride) and the right side as ‘soul’. Ego needs logic and fact to survive as it sees itself as separate from the world, whereas, soul needs a feeling of being connected to the world in order to survive. Sometimes thinking our way out of a problem can’t be done as we’re only using logic, but when we engage our non-linear thought processes we can get to a whole new level of consciousness.

So how do you access the right hemisphere more? It’s like working any muscle that hasn’t been worked out in a while and that’s training and practice. And to remember that it doesn’t happen overnight!

The biggest tip I can give anyone is to find your passion and follow your heart. Practice a gratitude diary every day – really, truly feel what you are grateful for in your life. These 2 practices alone will lift your energy and mindset up to any number of possibilities!

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