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Is Your Treadmill Job Really Any Safer Than Starting Your Own Business?

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Making the decision to leave your ‘safe & secure’ job is a biggie. All those fears come bubbling up to the surface - how will I pay the bills, what if it doesn’t work, am I capable of building a successful business, when will I find the time to do it even? I must be mad! I am an intelligent, professional person with a solid career behind me…that I’ve worked hard for. What the hell am I doing?!

We take life so seriously don’t we? 9/10 it stems from needing the money to live and be relatively happy and comfortable. I get that. I was worried about it. I kid you not, my genuine fear was that I would be homeless and living out of a shopping trolley lol!

I started telling myself, nothing has to be forever. I can get a job if I need to.

3 ½ years on I’ve built a business I’m really proud of and I’ve helped many people make improvements in their lives and set up on their own too.

Yes, I work hard. Yes, sometimes I work long hours. Yes, sometimes I can’t do things I want to. I can’t say that part is ANY different from when I was in paid employment. What IS different is that I choose what, when and how. That means for me that I’m happy living a life I love and I get to live it my way.

Over the last 6 months I’ve been thinking about how I wish I’d had a step by step programme to follow alongside other people on the same journey when I started out. I wish I’d had someone who had been there and could show me the essentials, what to avoid and where to focus.

It would have saved me a fortune! And I’m sure I’d have achieved more in a shorter space of time with half the level of stress. To belong to a small community travelling the same journey as me would have made the early days much less lonely and scary. Having someone championing me and my idea, believing in me and helping me avoid the pitfalls would have been so helpful.

So that’s exactly what I’m doing! I’m committing to helping people create & launch their own businesses with the essential steps like how to get clients, how to set up websites and social media simply, how to write a business and marketing plan and building a successful growth mindset alongside that. It’s a place you can come to for support, encouragement and a go to place for all those concerns and unanswered questions.

Why should you do this now?

I spent 3 years (probably more if I’m honest with myself!) thinking that I wasn’t happy and I needed to change my career. Once I’d decided what I was going to do and that I was going to set up my own business it took me another 2 years and a breakdown to do something about it. 5 years had gone by!

Life goes on doesn’t it? You’re flat out with work, family, life. You promise yourself every week, I’m going to plan at the weekend, I’m going to get this going, I’m going to do this. Then Saturday comes and you’re shattered. Sunday comes and you’re hungover and shattered. Thoughts of Monday start creeping in and another weekend has gone by.

If not now, when?

You can do it. And I’ll help you – for FREE.

Join my free 5 day challenge in October and I’ll show you the essential, practical steps and help you get started. Sign up HERE to join the challenge I can't wait to welcome you, hear about your business idea and help you make a success of it!


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