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7 signs the Universe is speaking to you

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

I think it’s fair to say that it’s been a changeable kind of year! Everyone has adapted, made changes and made the best of what they can.

The first half of this year gave us all a reason to reflect and many situations and thoughts surfaced encouraging us to make some changes.

I’ve long been challenging the process driven, profit before people model of working (watch my TEDx Talk here) and this is gaining momentum for a lot of people now. More and more of us are focusing on love, kindness and compassion in all areas of our lives.

We’ve been listening more to our hearts and our intuition. We’ve been trusting more about what and how we feel than what we’re being told. Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on it, it’s just something that feels wrong. And for the instances where you can put your finger on it, people around you are accepting it as the status quo and not challenging what feels obvious to you.

This is your intuition speaking to you.

Perhaps you’ve been having vivid dreams, more instances of déjà vu, flashbacks, a deep sense of calling somehow. Maybe you’ve been seeing white feathers in random places, seeing triple numbers or when you look at the clock you notice it’s 11.11 or 22.22 or 14.14 and so on.

You are ‘waking up’ intuitively and it can feel a bit odd, uncomfortable, scary, unknown, but also exciting.

I remember fully waking up 4 years ago – no coincidence that’s when I left my corporate job behind me too – and feeling scared, confused but also with a strong inner knowing that this was the right path for me.

What that path was I didn’t know at the time, as it took a while for me to understand what that inner knowing actually was!

Slowly but surely, all the childhood memories came back of seeing my guardian angel and of telling my friends about future events to happen. Shortly after I launched my coaching business I met a spiritual healer at a networking event and we did some work together.

Lucky me! I learnt so much from her and she helped me immeasurably.

This has grown and developed at a rapid pace and now I work intuitively with my coaching clients, do distance energy healing and teach small business owners how to bring working with spirit into their strategies.

It's been a big deal for me to 'come out of my spiritual closet'. Remember, I have a traditional corporate background and was genuinely scared that I’d be laughed at and not seen as professional or taken seriously. But, I followed my intuition and spiritual guidance and had the most profitable year so far! That guidance also led me to start a Facebook group that anyone is welcome to join. If you’ve recently woken up, it’s ideal for you and it’s free. It’s a spiritual development group for beginners called, Healing Hearts Club. I share live weekly guidance in the group and support you with your questions. I encourage people to share their experiences and be a valued and integral part of my community. Come on in, a warm welcome awaits.

Take care,



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