Spiritual Development Course for Beginners

This course is for you if you have an interest in how the universe works and have been seeing things like white feathers, 11:11, 22:22 or experiencing an increased sense of inner knowing.

Perhaps you've been seeing little sparkles of light or experiencing a ringing in your ear - these are all loving signs from your guides and angels trying to communicate with you. 

This gorgeous little course consists of 7 modules recorded live for you to complete each week in your own time. Each week there is also a live Q&A call with me on Zoom to support your learning.

Each module is designed to help you gradually develop your sense of intuition in a relaxed, friendly, safe space.

  • Module 1 - Understanding heart energy & laws of the universe

  • Module 2 - Boundary setting & protecting your energy

  • Module 3 - Receiving signs from your guides & angels

  • Module 4 - Receiving & interpreting guidance

  • Module 5 - Oneness & global consciousness

  • Module 6 - Overcoming anxiety and fear based behaviour patterns

  • Module 7 - Co-creating your perfect job / relationship / health / finances

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Connect and communicate with your own guides and angels

  • Make decisions with discernment

  • Meditate

  • Understand the basic laws of the Universe

  • Manifest your heart's desires

  • Protect your empathic energy, leaving you feeling energised

  • Think with more clarity

  • Feel a deeper sense of trust, love and hope

  • Be more of your true self

If you ever need a refresher, you can simply watch any of the live recordings as often as you like as you have lifetime access to this gorgeous little course!

Price £188 

Includes 7 x 30min modules to keep and come back to whenever you want,
1 x free session in my private & friendly membership group with the option to join.


"The course content was pitched perfectly and provided a welcome opportunity to learn and then let it breathe. It was lovely to learn in such a safe space and with a fantastic group of like-minded people."

"A truly spiritual and self enhancing course. Jen is amazing at what she does creating a safe, comfortable space to learn & grow in. Would highly recommend signing up."

"I loved this course Jen, and really looked forward to working with you live each week. Plus it's fabulous that I can go back and watch the recordings anytime I want a refresher. Highly recommended.