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Guided Meditations
Meditation is easy - said no-one ever!
Meditation practice is just that in my view. It does take practice and we all fall off the wagon sometimes. Be nice to yourself about that.

I also don't believe in there being a 'right' way to meditate. However you do it, is right for you! Essentially meditation is about finding peace and stillness in your mind. With a busy world around us, that's not easy but probably even more important to find on a regular basis for yourself.

You can be in meditation when you're walking in nature,cutting the grass, washing up, in the bath, playing games on your phone. If it's quietening your ego mind, then that's awesome!

You can't get the answers you need if you're stressy & in fear energy

Let me help you find space & peace

Click on the images above to discover the magic of these special guided meditations and purchase to download onto your own device to listen to anytime.
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