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Sun, 08 Dec



Spiritual Club

Join a space where you can be truly you alongside like-minded women with a sense of humour as well as deep compassion and connection to the universe. Max. 3 drop in sessions per person.

Spiritual Club
Spiritual Club

Time & Location

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08 Dec 2024, 14:00 – 15:15 GMT


About the event

Are you longing to embrace your inner woo and explore your spirituality?  But you don't know how and are worried about reaching out for help in case you're deemed not spiritual enough or laughed at for being woo woo? 

Do you wish you could see angels? Or just anything spiritual!

And because you don’t, you’re thinking you’re not spiritual or connected to spirit?

Please know that what you’re sensing is real, however you’re sensing it.  Most people ‘feel’ or just ‘know’ and don’t ‘see’ anything - this doesn’t mean you’re not spiritual or doing it ‘right’. It does mean you’re you and experience the universe in your own personal way!

I'm sure you feel a bit weirded out by it all sometimes, but I also know how utterly fascinated you are with all things woo, it's just a struggle to find your people who aren't all about religion or where you don't feel spiritual enough to belong there.

Come and give us a try in one of our drop in sessions and perhaps find your sould tribe and connect to your soul self.

What can you expect at Spiritual Club?

When & where:

  • Mondays at 7pm GMT. Plus a monthly live on a Sunday at 2pm GMT for Spiritual Club members. All meetings are online via Zoom.

Who's it for?

  • If you're interested in how the universe works, spirit guides, angels, law of attraction, crystals, oracle cards, intuition and enjoy guided meditations in welcoming space, Spiritual Club is for you!

What happens?

  • Each meeting is bespoke but there is always a guided meditation, sharing of experiences, conversation, a safe space to ask questions and expert mentoring from me.
  • On Full Moons there is a powerful group cord cutting session to release stuck energies.
  • On New Moons there is a guided sacred journey with journal prompts to help you connect with your soul wisdom for soul aligned goal setting and manifesting.
  • Learning from each other through sharing of experiences.

We look forward to welcoming you soon lovely!


  • Drop in Session




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