What is Intuitive Coaching?

What is Intuitive Coaching?


Many people understand intuition through a number of terms - the universe, spirit energy, inner wisdom, guidance, woo woo, quantum mechanics, empath, sensitive, clairvoyance and many more.

The best way I can describe what I do in this area of my work is that I feel what those around me feel. I am provided with visions and an understanding of past, present and future which I am able to interpret for others providing them with a deep insight.

I am also able to facilitate energy healing for others which I do via my meditation practice, so you don't even have to be there. You don't even have to be awake!

I have worked with energy from an early age and since I stopped trying to understand it intellectually and just accepted it, ironically, it has made sense!


There's actually a lot of science behind it and what we currently understand is that it is to do with the right-brain hemisphere.

This is the part of the brain where we can access creativity, non-linear thinking, intuition, inner wisdom, optimism, love and emotion. It’s the more playful side of our brain and where those ‘genius’ moments can come from!

Just for a moment, perhaps consider the left side of the brain as ‘ego’ (by which, I mean personality construct and not pride) and the right side as ‘soul’. Ego needs logic and fact to survive as it sees itself as separate from the world, whereas, soul needs a feeling of being connected to the world in order to survive.


Sometimes thinking our way out of a problem can’t be done as we’re only using logic, but when we engage our non-linear thought processes and feelings we can get to a whole new level of consciousness. That then goes on to be further explained by quantum mechanics, which I won't go into here as I am no physicist!


So how do you access the right hemisphere more?


It’s like working any muscle that hasn’t been worked out in a while - training and practice. And to remember that it doesn’t happen overnight!

I've embraced and developed this element of my skill set over many years and it is something that I practice daily. I practice being in connection (read my blogs on 'How do you know when you're on the right path?') and the more I do so, the stronger the feelings and visions and the more I receive for others. And I love that!

Intuition - "the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning"
"Where focus goes, energy flows"
What is Energy & Energy Healing?


I am also able to facilitate energy healing for others available through my Gold and Platinum packages.

I perform energy healing via my meditation practice, so you don't even have to be present - you don't even have to be in the same country or even be awake!

I then email you healing notes that detail what I was able to see and also any particular problem areas that I may have addressed during the healing session. Sometimes I am also provided with specific guidance for you, for example, nutrition.


We can then discuss in your 1-2-1 session following if it's helpful to do so.


One of the things I love about energy healing is that neither my client or I need to know any detail around obstacles or blocks as I am simply guided by spirit energy to focus healing where it's needed. 

Intuitive Coach | TEDx Speaker

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