What is Coaching?

My aim is to help empower you to be the best version of you; support you on your journey to recognise and maximise your full potential and get to where you want to be. 

As a coach, I believe that you have all the answers and resources you need to achieve all that you want.  Through a series of skills and techniques I will help you to draw out the strengths and abilities needed for you to reach your goals.

Coaching is a structure that facilitates the process of personal, professional and/or spiritual development.  Coaching is for individuals who are emotionally and psychologically healthy and who are committed to making improvements and changes in their lives. 

Coaching is not advice, guidance, therapy or counselling.

Explore how you can drive your life forward to build a successful, sustainable future

Achieve your goals and get your life going again - at a manageable pace

A sounding board, someone to listen, support and help you design the kind of life you want in a non-judgmental environment

Escape your '9-5' with a bespoke plan & professional support from someone who's

done it!

Qualified coach to support and guide you through a step by step process

A Fast paced, effective opportunity to accelerate your success – set yourself a challenge and I’ll work with you to help you achieve it

"What needs to happen for you to make a change?"

Jenny Thomas

Intuitive Coach | TEDx Speaker

Farnham, Guildford, Surrey

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