"The course enabled me to achieve my personal objectives that had been spinning around in my head"

"Jenny is an amazing coach, she's approachable, caring and easy to get on with. I ended up achieving what I set out to - so great results too!"

"I am now enjoying Jenny's Revitalise Coaching course as a 'career companion' and a live resource for ongoing support"

"Jenny’s approach and method is absolutely on point. As a result of her course, I have left my old career behind and embarked on an exciting new one!"

Colin, Marketing Lead

When I started working with Jenny I had found myself stuck in a career quandary based on two key things.


The first was I had been with my employer for 12 years and had been doing 'the same old thing' for roughly 2-3 years. And as part of that, I'd not stopped to think about this deepening situation; instead simply focusing on delivering well, and seeking variety, in my existing role. So, in a nutshell I was allowing myself to stagnate.


And then there was the second factor, and ultimately the main catalyst... I was then involved in a major re-organisation where marketing leadership roles (me) were being relocated, and members of my team, directs and peers, were finding their roles made redundant.


These 2 factors combined to make me suddenly feel ill-prepared and ill-equipped for the imminent changes in front of me.


And that was a new feeling. And not one I liked.


Anytime previously in my career I've simply left the job and got another one. I’ve never worried. I’ve just got on with it and never stopped to consider if I needed a life change or career change. (I suspect it was no coincidence this was before I had family responsibilities). But this time I felt the need to understand and clarify my wider life and career goals (weirdly as if this was my last chance to get it right) and at the same time get a job to pay the mortgage.


And all that combined to be a major burden on me.  In fact, it was daunting... or I allowed it to be daunting.


Fortunately, through a chance encounter with Jenny (whom I’d worked with many years previously and who mentioned she had developed a flexible video coaching course), I had an opportunity to move from being a passive player to embracing my situation.


And that's a key element in this. Giving yourself the head-space to embrace your situation and be comfortable with exploring how you really feel, and what success would look and feel like for you. And Jenny's online coaching and approach were key in me unlocking and overcoming the barriers in front of me. Some of which I'd built for myself.


For example, having an honest conversation with myself around my life and work priorities, and what I value from my workplace, helped me quickly join the dots between the opportunities I have now and my life goals. Through this I've been able to assess what really matters to me and use that to confidently take a positive decision in my career that I now realise I've been procrastinating on for years.


And can I say it feels good!


Additionally, the simplicity of the online coaching course format was also an attraction to me. The subject areas are very clear, and the structure of the course gave me the flexibility to prioritise what was most important to me at that time, whilst also empowering me with other tools to draw from later. (Really important for the many of us struggling with a lack of time). As an example, I was able to explore what drives me as a person, and in my career, to help me visualise what I want in the future without feeling daunted by the need to combine that with a detailed action plan immediately.


And what I like about that is it meant I could jump from video to video and take what I needed each time, or go back and refine my thoughts, as opposed to feeling restricted by a linear track; tick box-by-tick box (which this is not!).


So, I am now enjoying Jenny's ‘Revitalise Your Life’ coaching course as my new 'career companion' and a live resource for ongoing support; regularly or as and when. And would quickly recommend it to anyone who feels they need help getting unstuck or are confused or burdened by the many situations life can 'offer' us.

Sara, Business Owner

Jenny brings a blend of passion and practicality to this course, the end result is that I feel full of energy and totally confident so that I can do whatever I desire.


Jenny connected in a way that was inspiring with a holistic approach. The course enabled me to achieve my personal objectives that had been spinning around in my head, it also allowed me to sit down and make time to unpick what is important to me. 


I now feel like my brain has had a spring clean.


Jenny was exactly the person I was looking for - I've come out of coaching feeling better about myself and have a good plan for the future!

Rachael, Leadership & Development Coach

Jenny is an amazing coach, she's approachable, caring and easy to get on with. She's really professional, but she also brings her sense of humour to her coaching, and that helped to put me at ease. I found that Jenny kept me on track during the sessions and really focused me on what I wanted to get out of coaching, meaning I ended up achieving what I set out to - so great results too! Thanks so much Jenny!

Nicola, Senior Marketing Manager

Coaching came at a very opportune time during my redundancy process so sessions were really career focused and achieving some better life balance.  Has really helped me articulate what I want next in my career and helped identify what was holding me back in my current role.  I am also working on the transition to be being a working Mummy so we looked at some basic steps for the household as well so I can manage both sides of my life in a more efficient way to feel fulfilled.

Process and approach was clear and well explained by Jenny, whose open and gently pushing style compels you to answer the questions she puts to you in a positive and constructive way.  I needed an independent viewpoint to be able to address what my values were for a new role and to help give me confidence in my current skill set.

I feel positive and empowered at a time when I could have felt nervous and low.  I genuinely feel coaching, and Jenny specifically, has provided me with tools to survive this big life change as well as tools for the future.

Kevin, Retail Manager

When I first met Jenny, I was trying desperately to get myself out of a career rut. I was regularly working weekends and evenings whilst trying to maintain healthy relationships with my family and friends.

My main reason for deciding to reach out to a coach was that I realised there was another way to live my life. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I knew that I had to try something different. I had recently joined an online education platform and found that this was expanding my horizons, allowing me to question all the self limiting beliefs I had grown up with.

At the beginning of the course I was quite overwhelmed by the material but as I got into the flow I found it easier to complete the activities and really felt like my thoughts and ideas were shifting inside of me. I really like how the course is broken down into short videos.  I particularly enjoyed the “Wheel of Life” as it gave me an overview of how the reality of my life was so far away from my goal. After completing the “Advanced Wheel of Life” later in the course I truly understood how I was going to get from my current positions, using easily achievable steps, to my goals.


As a result of the course, I have left my old career behind and embarked on an exciting new one which is much more flexible and will give me the option to work from home or much more exotic locations! Now I have much more free time and I have a good level of freedom in my life, I am focusing on my next goal which is to increase my fitness levels.  This is now so much more achievable as I feel in control of my goals, knowing that they are broken down into realistic steps that I have set myself.


In my opinion Jenny’s approach and method is absolutely on point. She delivers the materials in a straightforward, easy to understand style with a little bit of humour which I found helped me feel at ease watching the modules. Great job!

Thank you for introducing me to the world of confidence coaching.

Warmest regards,

Kevin Jones

Amanda, Massage Therapist

Jenny has a fantastic ability to help people to come to their own decisions. It’s a real skill to be able to listen and guide and not direct. I highly recommend her and have had several really great sessions to get my business up and running. Thank you.​

Sarah Angel, Family Photographer

I met up with Jenny in the midst of moving and reestablishing my business as a family photographer in Farnham. Jenny helped me to find the clarity that I was missing. She showed me some useful tools which I continue to use today, helping me to move forward in business, with confidence.

Michelle, Product Manager

Jenny has a wonderful empathy and warmth which makes her easy to talk to even about things which are sticky subjects. Her coaching made me realise where I was limiting my thoughts and this helped me to start working towards things I had wanted to change for a long time.


I would recommend Jenny to anyone who is looking to reassess things in their life and wants to start making change happen.

Intuitive Coach | TEDx Speaker

Farnham, Guildford, Surrey

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