Spiritual Development for Beginners Private Membership

Hi Lovely

If you're here then it's because you've completed my Spiritual Development for Beginners course, congratulations!

Here is where you can join the private membership group now you've completed the course and your 3 free calls.

I hope you've enjoyed the course and our sessions together over the last few weeks, I know I have and I'm grateful for your time, energy and being a part of my world.

I'd love for you to continue your spiritual journey with me and my wonderful community and here's what you can expect:

  • A continued friendly, safe and supportive community for you to belong to and make new friends

  • Weekly Zoom calls 7pm on Mondays

  • A mixture of mini masterclasses, shared experiences, dream insights, intuitive coaching, guided meditations around new and full moons and, of course, continuing to answer your questions

  • I will also provide a 1 card reading for everyone at the end of the call each week

The calls are weekly, but I ask for a monthly subscription to ensure that the energy in the group is stable every month and keeps admin to a minimum.

There is no minimum commitment, you can join for a month and leave after if you want. But seriously, why would you?!

Just kidding, we're going to continue this wonderful journey together in my usual light hearted and compassionate way and you're welcome to stay as long as you like.

Sign up to the membership via the button below and I'll look forward to seeing you soon,