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Annual Club Membership

So you've recently graduated in my Soulpreneur's Club - congratulations!

It's been an amazing journey for you and I know more great things are ahead for you and your business, continuing with all the skills and tools you've learned.

As you know, we never stop learning, healing more layers of 'stuff' and growing. This undoubtedly leads to expansion, deeper experiences & insights and new guidance from your spiritual board for you and your business.

Sometimes that can mean making some tweaks here and there, sometimes it means a complete pivot and other times it can be a whopping big vision on how to help save the planet.

Soulpreneurs Club is the ideal place to continue to get the support you need from me and your amazing peers - our collective talent in the group is mind blowing!

I always envisioned Soulpreneurs Club to be a growing community of heart-centred business owners,  leading the way on how to do business for the greatest good of all and so I would love you to join my Annual Soulpreneurs Club Membership.

What's included?
  • Fortnightly group Q&A call for graduates

  • Join the monthly all-hands group ‘networking’ call

    • New moon / full moon get togethers

    • Monthly group guided meditations to receive business guidance, followed by group support & feedback

    • Try out workshops / webinars / presentations

  • Access to additional discounted 121’s with me

  • Early bird access to future Soulpreneur’s events and courses

  • Growing community support 24/7 with your peers

Investment options

​Option 1

  • Meetings

  • 1 year access - £750 paid in full

  • 2 x FREE 121’s with me

  • Continued discounted 121’s with me @ £77 per hour

​Option 2

  • 1 year access - £77 Monthly

  • Meetings only

Option 1 - £750
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Option 2 - 12 x £77
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