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How to create abundance in your business - a message from nature

I sat outside in the sunshine to write today’s blog on working with nature to help you in your business and life in general. Very soon, I was joined by a robin. I didn’t see him at first as he was a little behind me – he chirped a few times to get my attention. Sitting about 2 metres away, he stared at me intently and I realised he was ready to share a message.

Dropping into my heart space and connecting with feelings of love, I invited a communication channel to open between us so he could share his message. It was short but very meaningful.

"It is a time of great abundance for humanity, if you choose to see it and be one with it."

In a deeper state of connection with the universe, a more detailed explanation followed from our little robin:

It is a time of giving and receiving and working in balance. It is knowing the difference between taking and receiving what is divinely yours. I am busy feeding my babies now and there is plenty of food available for them to grow strong. But I do not take what is not aligned for me, I don’t force it or push for it. I know and trust that Mother Earth provides for me – it is never in question and I am never in doubt.

As animals, we are closer to our original source energy as we have learned the richness and safety of living as one with Mother Earth; a part of her and not something separate to that loving, supporting energy. We rest when we need to, sleep as necessary, gorge our physical bodies in the sun time because it is our divine purpose to do so. We never question that. It is more of a celebration and giving of thanks for all that is.

Wealth is in abundance to you all – if you stand proud as your true self and open your heart to receive all that is. Wealth is love and love is wealth – it is an energy to align to. The exchange process humanity has is beginning to end now and it will set you all free!

Learn from us, we are here to teach you, help you, heal you, love and support you. We wish to welcome you back into the whole – we have missed you. For humanity brings a love and enjoyment of life that we love to share and be a part of. Freedom is your divine right, set yourself free from the trappings you have created for yourself.

Before you go, one last important message – especially for the females amongst you.

You are wonderfully unique, each of you, with the ability to shine so very bright. I do not hide my red breast, it is my gift and I wear it with pride and deep gratitude for the gift bestowed upon me.

I am not bothered by what the bee is doing or the squirrel or other birds around me – I know my purpose and follow it with love. I know that all others in the animal kingdom are doing the same so I do not need to worry, focus or

concern myself with their actions because it distracts me from mine.

Listen to your heart, be guided by love, love and accept yourself as you are. Be truly you and you will find the happiness, love, abundance and freedom that you seek.

What a very wise robin!

I am delighted he showed up to help us and that I was brave enough to follow my own heart and learn how to communicate with nature in this way so I can share with you here.

Alongside our wise robin, I had a strong sense of messages from fox glove energy, bees and beetles around me this morning. When I looked up each of their spiritual meanings and bring them together with our robin message, I am given a 360 view and deeper insight.

Fox glove – magic, productivity, creativity, intuition

Bee – working together, community, abundance

Beetle – hard work, progress, stability

Some resources you might find helpful to learn more about these and other nature meanings:

In our businesses and lives it’s so helpful to get that 360 perspective and sometimes we’re just too close to everything to ‘see’ clearly aren’t we?

Often we don’t have anyone to discuss our business plans and ideas with and it can all feel a bit lonely and uncertain. I started working with nature in this way because I wanted to work with the universe and that the work I’m doing is for the greatest good.

This is how I know I’m always on the ‘right’ path and following my purpose (look out for my blog in 2 weeks time for more help on this – sign up here to have it delivered straight to your inbox).

On my 5 Day Immersion for business owners, probably the most popular day is when people start learning how to work with nature to help them in their business.

It’s free to join and the wait list is now open if you’d like to save a seat –

Working with nature in my life and business has really opened up my world and helped me enormously. Try searching for 'spiritual meaning of...' whatever animal you've seen and see how it resonates for you - come and share your experience on my Insta page, I'd love to share it with you!

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