About Jenny

The Short Version

20 Year Commercial Marketing Career

Streamlining saw my workload triple

Burnt out & took redundancy

Retrained as an NLP Practitioner &

Personal Performance Coach

2+ years helping private clients leave corporate space

Now I help companies build successful businesses with people as their priority

About Jenny

I'll be honest with you, I've spent the last 2 years helping people in the corporate space to get out or at least to find a job that makes them happier. I still do and I love seeing my clients grow, become empowered and change their lives for the better.


I've come to realise that my experience, knowledge and skillset is also ideally placed to help companies create necessary change. 


I worked in marketing and held commercially responsible roles. I negotiated deals, created strategies and worked with some inspiring and talented people. As with many, I experienced the cycles of redundancies that saw my friends go, leaders I respected making decisions I knew they didn't want to make and the workload of those left behind double and triple. At the end of that career I became one of those people left behind and saw my workload triple. Whilst it was incredibly hard work, it was a great opportunity as well and so I persevered on, telling myself it wouldn't be forever and it would get better.


Unfortunately, it didn't get better and I became very unwell and unable to work. My commercial logic knew I was just a number on a spreadsheet but what about how I felt as a person; a human being?


And I get it, companies are there to make money and a profit, but all the time that the focus is on profit alone, staff (at every level) are treated as numbers and not human beings. And so the streamlining cycle continues.

I had loved my career for many years and the opportunities and experiences I was given I was lucky to have and am very grateful for those. Taking that experience along with my Performance Coaching & NLP skills, I see that companies are stuck but, importantly, I now see how to help them move forward, be profitable AND where every employee is treated as a human being; not a number on a spreadsheet.

Now I love helping these companies as much as I love helping my private clients!

Intuitive Coach | TEDx Speaker

Farnham, Guildford, Surrey

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